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Owning a domain and not putting it to good use is like burying a trunk of gold coins somewhere in the middle of a desert. Unused domains can be converted into money making assets with extremely lucrative returns. Monetization of domains can be done in various ways. The three most often used methods for monetizing domains are Parking, Mini Sites and Development.


Domain Parking

Domain parking is nothing but handing over your domain to a Parking Service, who will redirect your domain to one of their name servers. These servers will display PPC advertisements on your domain which can be regulated by you with the addition of some relevant keywords.

Of the three mentioned monetization methods, Domain Parking is the most convenient and consistent. It is convenient because all you have to do is subscribe to a parking service and leave the rest to them. It is consistent because you will constantly receive commissions from the service provider without any hassles. Another plus for Domain Parking is that it doesn’t have any compatibility issues with domains. Any domain can be parked using any of the Domain Parking Services.

The downside of parking is low returns. So unless you own a big chunk of domains, the Parking service providers will be eating away a huge fraction of your income. The returns might not seem lucrative enough if you don’t own high quality domain names..  Parking works best with keyword domains because of targeted traffic.  With targeted traffic you can provide appropriate keywords for your domain.



Mini Sites, as the name suggests are the miniature versions of a website. They generally consist of between 1 and 5 pages. The entire website is focused on one single marketable product. Instead of trying to sell an entire range of products and confusing the customer, a mini site is the perfect solution in terms of a modern marketing technique.

The main factor that caused the recent worldwide hit of Mini Sites is the easiness in setting them up. Once all the information required is ready, the creation of a Mini Site will not take longer than an a few hours. They can be created by using default templates thus eliminating the use of fancy software to design the website. Mini sites are relatively cheap to create and their maintenance costs are negligible. However, search engines give lesser preference to Mini Sites compared to sites having more content



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Development means taking any of your unused domains and adding useful content.  The idea is to provide information that might be useful to the web users and to increase the searchability of the website. SEO or Search Engine Optimization must be kept in mind while designing a website.

Maintenance and development is sometimes a lengthy and painful process for people who aren’t all that well versed with web designing. Hiring a web designer might be a good idea if you can afford it. However, on the plus side developing a domain will tremendously boost the resale value of your domain.  Also, depending on the popularity of your site, you will also be able to easily attract related advertisers.

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Owning a domain and not putting it to good use is like burying a trunk of gold coins in the middle of a desert.

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